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Bill and Susan VanDeven
Carl and Pat Cox
Carol and Ron Miesner
Charlie and Jackie Miget
Chris and Bob Woods
Dave Markland
Don and Angie Bradford
Gary and Debbie Tidwell
Glenda and David Davidson
Glenda and Mike Walsh - 1975
Glenda and Mike Walsh
Irene & Terry Wilson
Jan and Gary Murray
Jane and Dave Ehrhard
Jean and Beverly DuPont
Jerry and Armynta Craig
Judy and Marty Dooley-2
Karen and Mike Price
Ken and Judy Baron
Leanne and Steve Lyle
Mark Shipley
Mary Ann and Ron Hagenow
Michelle Paillou
Pam and John Corrona
Patty and Jeff Craig 1978
Patty and Jeff Craig
Paul and Kathy Craig
Peggy Craig
Randy and Ruth Howard-Ruths Vette
Randy and Ruth Howard
Rich and Theresa Luebcke
Richard and Mary Doerr
Roger and Bonnie Ruengert
Sharon and Jim Love
Tammy Walker

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