Up 2008

1-First Meeting Jan 2008
2-Trivia St Martins
2-Valentines Day
3-Hermann Wurstfest
3-Pujols Event
4 63-67 Corvette Tour
4 Diamond Mineral Spring Cruise
4 Sams Club Donation to Pujols Foundation
5- STLCC'ers at Indy 500
5-Armed Forces Day Parade 2008
5-Mid America Autocross
5-Patty and Jeff's Cookout
5-VA Garden Cleanup 2008
6-Corvette Museum-08
6-Cruise to Wha-Bahhh
6-Drive Work + Ice Cream
6-June Lynch Meeting
6-NCM Webcam
7- PDX Precision Driving Xperience
7- Webster 4th July
7-Fritz's July 27th
7-Vettes On Rockies
8-Columbia Car Show
8-Millers Grill
9-Motorama 2008 Howard
10-Car Show - Hay Ride
10-Eureka Springs 2008
10-Ice Cream
10-RT 66 Autocross
11-Veterans Day Parade
12-STLCC Xmas Dec 2008
Class of 2008

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