Up 2009 » 1-Price's Party

1-The Price Estate
Armynta & Jerry
Ask Luebecke why she is vacuuming
Can you say reindeer poop - best reindeer poop ever!  Ask Sharon
Carl & Sharon
Carl racks them up as Randy supervises
Darla & Randy
Darla, Marla, & Carla
Darla-Armynta -Carl
Gary & Jan
Gary & Rich
He made it
Here Kitty Kitty
Holy cow as the night went on she has two wine glasses!  Will pray for you Carl!
Honored guests
Hot dice game!
Is that Marty wearing a wedding ring
Jackie & Charlie
Jan & Gary
Jan and Karen
Jand & Dave
Jerry and Kitty
Judy, Sharon & Armynta
Karen & Max
Karen & Mike - Great party guys!
Leanne, Mary & Bev
Lets get another Vett in here
Look Rich this is how it is!
Lots of food
Marty & Judy - she's tired she had a super busy day
Marty tames the kitty
Marty, what are you using for money - BALLS
Max - when are you people going to leave my house
May I serve you Armynta
Nice balls!
Nice ring that Santa brought!
Play money
Price's Party 007
Price's Party 016
Price's Party 019
Randy & Ruth
Randy, Marty & Darla
Ruth & Randy
Ruth, Judy & Sharon
Ruth- splendid form
Sharon & Judy
Sharon & Marty
So I'm thinking that she was born with a wine glass in her hand!
Stimey, Darla, Marla, Buckwheat & Carla - you had to be there!
The Gang
The iguana enjoys some wine
video time
What do you want
Who had the most wine
Winning pool partners Carl & Ruth

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