Up 2009

1-Brunch meeting
1-Price's Party
2-MAM 35th Anniversary Run
2-Scott AFB Valentines
3-STLCC Ladies Welcome Hayden Smull
3-Wittmond Hotel Mar 09
5-Ice Cream
5-Save Cupp Chevrolet
5-Tunica May 2009
5-VA Garden May 2009
6-June 2 meeting
6-Komen Walk and Car Show
6-Stonewolf Happy Hour June 2009
6-Trip to NCM June 2009
6-Wedding-Bill and Pam Dotson
7-4th July Webster Parade in the Rain
7-Fritz's July 2009
7-Happy Hour Sunset Lakes
7-Mystery Run
7-Road America Vintage Races
8-Ice Cream
8-LeMans Race Road America
8-Moonlight Restaurant Fried Chicken Run
9-Caravan Trip 2009
9-Club Picnic
9-Fritz's Ice Cream Sept 2009
9-Josephines Tea Run Sept 2009
9-Scott AFB Individual Pix
9-Scott Air Force Base Air Show Sept 2009
10- Boone Trails Autocross
10- Eureka Springs
10- RT66 Autocross
10-1st Annual Jerry Fain Memorial Millers Grill Run Oct 2009
10-Hayride Oct 2009
11-November Meeting
11-Veterans Parade
12-Christmas Party 2009
Class of 2009

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